Finances: How are the French preparing for the end of year festivities?

This is the result of the exclusive survey conducted by the CSA Research Institute and Silifis France between 9 and 15 October 2018 on the French budget. It was published on November 20th. This is the second edition of the study entitled “The budget and the good plans of the French for Christmas”. The method used in the study was the quota method. The criteria considered by the respondent were occupation, age and sex. Of course, we noted the size of the locality and the region. The survey support was the self-administered questionnaire.

The different items of expenditure


The amount spent by the French at Christmas is € 571 on average: € 129 will be for meals, € 37 for travel, € 34 for clothing, € 29 for decorations and € 340 for gifts.

• Gifts

Note that there was an increase of 17 € on the gift side, compared to the year 2017. The number of gifts has therefore increased slightly compared to last year. If it were 8 in 2017, it will be around 8.5 this year. Young people under 35 years of age plan to buy about 10 presents, while older people who are usually parents are restricted to 9.

• Meals

Although the budget for meals has decreased by one euro compared to the year 2017, meals are still the second largest item of French spending after gifts; only 4% of them choose to reduce their spending on the mouth.

• Travel

Transportation refers to transportation. The allocated budget has increased by 3 €. Admittedly, it is less and less trips to shop for trips to please, since the French are increasingly using the Internet to make their purchases (we will see the details below).

• Clothes

• Clothes

An increase of € 2 was recorded for the budget allocated to clothing. Definitely, this year, we decided to adorn his finery for Christmas!

• The decorations

Elegance is not limited to outfits. Habitat also has its share of finery. Proof of this is the progression of one euro on the expenses to be allocated to the decorations.

Preparations, forecasts and purchases

On this day, 66% of French people have already made their purchases for Christmas. 32% of them have set aside money for these purchases since January.

Regarding purchases, 18% of French shop online, more than 4 points over last year, and 29% use online private sales. 36% waited (or waited) for promotions to shop. This year, the “black Friday” have gained one more point compared to last year. It should be noted in passing that the outlets still win the heart of the 27% of French. However, this representative figure of the purchase in store fell 5 points if we consider those of the year 2017.

Let’s end with the tips adopted by the French to better benefit from their budget. More than half of the French, that is to say 59%, plan to concoct themselves their festive meals. However, the proportion of French people who made this decision fell by 3 points in one year. There is also no shortage of loyalty cards. In fact, 31% of French people intend to use the loyalty points they have accumulated throughout the year.

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