We tell you about Personal Payday Loan and Peer to Peer Lending

After the video of one of the first entrepreneurs financed with our Peer to Peer Lending , we decided to share with you other important moments of the # Peer to peer Collection, which took place in our offices on December 19th.  artlini.net for further explanation

The surprises of personal payday loan are not finished yet!

The surprises of Personal Loan are not finished yet!

Spend the afternoon with your child in an interactive museum. In most of these venues you will find fun and educational activities in which children can learn to make better financial decisions.

Open a savings fund for your little one. You can give more formality to the lesson by asking your child to accompany you to do the paperwork at the bank. Children often get excited when they have the opportunity to do adult things, so they are likely to feel more engaged if they themselves participate in the process. But what would happen if we told you that you can take advantage of this special day to teach your children the importance of responsible use of money?

After a year you can open the piggy bank and buy what you want with the money you have saved.

After a year you can open the piggy bank and buy what you want with the money you have saved.

Finally, don’t pretend to teach your child about austerity and savings by giving him an extravagant gift that is obviously out of your budget. Preach by example and be congruent with your words. Instead of giving you an expensive gift, better offer stability.

Safety and tranquility are much more important for the child’s development than the fashion toy. Thanks to Gerlys instant online loans you can handle any emergency without affecting the stability of your family finances.

The protagonists of the video this time are Ivan Pellegrini, Co-founder of personal payday loan, and Antonio Lafiosca Partner and Chief Operating Officer, who told the story of the first Italian P2Plendig platform for companies, services and opportunities that this offers .

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